2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity. Is it the best Mid-Size pickup truck to tow?

2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity chart

The 2021 Ford Ranger midsize pickup is a tough truck, equipped with the proper engine, drivetrain, and other performance specifications ready for almost any adventure. Whether carrying serious gear or towing your favorite trailer, Ranger is ready for any season and nearly any terrain. With impressive cargo capabilities, impressive trailering capabilities, and best-in-class payload the 2021 model Ranger is the ultimate off-road vehicle. In this article let’s take a look at the 2021 Ford Ranger and its trim options and towing capacity in detail.

2021 Ford Ranger trim levels 2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity
Ford Ranger XL3,500 – 7,500 lbs.
Ford Ranger XLT3,500 – 7,500 lbs.
Ford Ranger LARIAT3,500 – 7,500 lbs.
The above-shown numbers are subject to change and are for reference purposes only.
2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger Engine Specs

The 2021 Ford Ranger pickup truck has a powerful engine under the hood advanced turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost engine that is engineered with a twin-scroll turbocharger and includes Auto Start-Stop Technology. A proven engine makes Ranger an adventure machine, providing excellent torque for towing or climbing trails. The turbocharged engine also comes paired with the 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission that is able to optimize gear progressions and deliver smooth, quick shifting. The pickup has outstanding fuel economy, depending on the trim and specs, allowing you to take your Ranger on all types of terrain.

  • 2.3L EcoBoost I4 Engine with Auto Start-Stop
  • 270 horsepower
  • 310 lb-ft of torque
  • 3,500-7,500 towing capacity
See the owner's manual for system limitations. Also requires Trailer Tow Package for maximum towing. The towing capacity varies based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories, and the number of passengers. 
2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger Super Cab towing capacity

The 2021 Ford Ranger SuperCab can fit two up front in its bucket seats and two in the rear. Standard under-seat storage keeps your gear organized, and if you need extra room, there’s a standard 6-ft bed. The store is even more on XL with the optionable rear seat.

Drive Type4×24×4
Wheelbase126.8 in.126.8 in.
Maximum Conventional Towing Capabilities7,500 lbs.7,500 lbs.
Weight ratings shown are for properly equipped vehicles with available Trailer Tow Packages, required equipment, and a 150-lb. driver. The weight of additional options, equipment, passengers, and cargo must be deducted from this weight.
2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger Super Crew towing capacity

The 2021 Ford Ranger‘s four full-size doors make comfortably accommodate five passengers inside the ample Ranger SuperCrew pickup cabin is easy.

Drive Type4×24×4Tremor 4×4
Wheelbase126.8 in.126.8 in.126.8 in.
Maximum Conventional Towing Capabilities7,500 lbs.7,500 lbs.7,500 lbs.
Weight ratings shown are for properly equipped vehicles with available Trailer Tow Packages, required equipment, and a 150-lb. driver. The weight of additional options, equipment, passengers, and cargo must be deducted from this weight.
2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger trims

Available in three trims XL, XLT, and LARIAT the 2021 Ranger is enhanced to provide greater fuel efficiency. The Ford Ranger is built to keep up with you by offering the durability and pulling power you need for your heavy-duty jobs. With updated and new standard features across the lineup, Let’s find out more about all the details on the 2021 Ford Ranger trim levels below.

2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger XL towing capacity

The 2021 Ford Ranger XL includes all the essential features that make the Ranger pickup the right choice for every next adventure. Powered by the standard 2.3L EcoBoost Engine with Auto Start-Stop Technology. Add some style to the Ranger XL with STX Special Edition and the available Chrome Appearance Package. The highlighted features are 10-speed SelectShift Automatic Transmission and FordPass Connect with 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot. The regular towing capacity of the 2021 Ford XL trim is 3,500 pounds but with the addition of a Trailer Tow Package, it increases to 7,500 pounds.

2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger XLT towing capacity

The 2021 Ford Ranger XLT includes all Ranger XL features along with new features like premium cloth seats, SYNC 3 with an 8’’ touchscreen, and more. It can be Level up even further with the available XLT Black Appearance Package or outfit the Ranger XLT with the available Tremor Off-Road Package. The highlighted features are Seats with premium Cloth Bucket Front, Available Tech Package, Available Splash Package, available 8-way Driver, Ford Co-Pilot 360 Technology, and 6-way Front Passenger Seats. When equipped properly with a trailer tow package it can tow up to 7,500 pounds.

2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger LARIAT towing capacity

The 2021 Ford Ranger LARIAT is top of a line model that experiences adventure in style with the all comforts you’ll want on your next expedition, such as ambient lighting, a power-sliding rear window, and 18″ wheels. Choose different available appearance packages for added style. Or, the available LARIAT Chrome Package for extra shine. The highlighted features are Tremor Off-Road Package, Leather-Trimmed Front Bucket Seats, B&O Sound System by Banf & Olufsen with HD Radio (10 Speakers including subwoofer; SuperCrew only), and LED Lighting. It can tow between a maximum of 3,500 to 7,500 pounds when equipped properly.

2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger trailer towing guide

The 2021 Ford Ranger trailer towing guide provides reliability and performance. Whatever your towing need is, there is a Ford vehicle or chassis to fill it. Practice turning, stopping, and backing up to get the feel of your vehicle-trailer combination before starting on a trip. When turning, make wider turns so the trailer wheels clear curbs and other obstacles.

  • Towing trailers beyond the maximum recommended GVWR or the GAWR specified could result in engine damage, transmission damage, structural damage, loss of vehicle control, and vehicle rollover.
  • Do not exceed the lowest rating capacity for your vehicle or trailer hitch. Overloading your vehicle or trailer hitch can impair your vehicle’s stability, loss of control, and handling.
  • Modifying the trailer hitch could reduce the hitch rating don’t cut, drill, weld, or modify the trailer hitch.
  • Make sure that the vertical load on the tow ball is between the minimum and maximum recommended weight at all times.
  • Do not tow a trailer fitted with electric trailer brakes unless your vehicle is fitted with a compatible aftermarket electronic trailer brake controller.
  • Place loads as low as possible and central to the axle of your trailer for the best stability of the trailer in an unloaded vehicle.
  • Reduce the stipulated permitted gross combination mass by 3% for every additional 1000 ft (300 m) in high-altitude regions above 1000 ft (300 m).
  • Do not use four-wheel drive while towing for extended periods of time on dry surfaces.  
The stability of your vehicle-to-trailer combination is dependent on the quality of the trailer. For additional information and assistance, we recommend that you contact an authorized Ford dealer. Failure to follow the instruction could result in the loss of control of your vehicle, personal injury, or death. 


This feature applies your vehicle brakes at individual wheels and, if necessary, reduces engine power. If the trailer begins to sway, the stability control light flashes and the message appears in the information display. The first thing to do is slow your vehicle down, then pull safely to the side of the road and check for proper tongue load and trailer load distribution. 

Turning off trailer sway control increases the risk of loss of vehicle control, serious injury, or death. Ford does not recommend disabling this feature except in situations where speed reduction may be detrimental (such as hill climbing), the driver has significant trailer towing experience and can control trailer sway and maintain safe operation.

This feature does not prevent trailer sway but reduces it once it begins. his feature cannot stop all trailers from swaying. In some cases, if the vehicle speed is too high, the system may activate multiple times, gradually reducing vehicle speed.

Trailer Towing Connector

Color  Function  
Yellow  Left turn signal and stop lamp  
White  Ground (-)  
Blue  Electric brakes  
Green  Right turn signal and stop lamp  
Orange  Battery (+)
Brown  Running lights  
Grey  Reverse lights  
Note: Your vehicle must recognize the trailer before the trailer can receive power.

When attaching the trailer wiring connector to your vehicle, only use a proper fitting connector that works with the vehicle and trailer functions. Some seven-position connectors may have the SAE J2863 logo, which confirms that it is the proper wiring connector and works correctly with your vehicle.

Safety Chains

Install trailer safety chains to the trailer hitch as recommended by the manufacturer. Cross the chains under the trailer tongue and allow enough slack for turning tight corners. Do not allow the chains to drag on the ground. Always connect the safety chains to the frame or hook retainers of your trailer hitch do not attach them to the bumper. If the trailer safety chain hook has a latch, make sure the latch is fully closed.

Trailer Brakes

Electric brakes and manual, automatic, or surge-type trailer brakes are safe if you install them properly and adjust them to the manufacturer’s specifications. The trailer brakes must meet local and federal regulations. The rating for the tow vehicle’s braking system operation is at the gross vehicle weight rating, not the gross combined weight rating. Separate functioning brake systems are required for the safe control of towed vehicles and trailers weighing more than 1500 lbs when loaded.

Body Style DriveAxle RatioGCWR (lbs.)Max Tow
Do not connect a trailer’s hydraulic brake system directly to your vehicle’s brake system. Your vehicle may not have enough braking power and your chances of having a collision greatly increase.

Trailer Lamps

Trailer lamps are required on most towed vehicles. Make sure all running lights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights are working. Never connect any trailer lamp wiring to the vehicle’s tail lamp wiring; this may damage the electrical system resulting in fire. Additional electrical equipment may be required contact your authorized dealer for assistance in proper trailer tow wiring installation.

2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger Payload Capacity

The maximum payload for your vehicle appears on the Tire and Loading label. The label is either on the B-pillar or the edge of the driver’s door. The payload listed on the Tire and Loading Information label is the maximum payload for your vehicle as built by the assembly plant. If you install any additional equipment on your vehicle, you must determine the new payload. Subtract the weight of the equipment from the payload listed on the Tire and Loading label.

Body Style DriveGVWR (lbs.)Payload (lbs.)
SuperCrew 4X2
TREMOR SuperCrew4X46,0501,430
The appropriate loading capacity of your vehicle can be limited either by volume capacity or by payload capacity. Once you have reached the maximum payload of your vehicle, do not add more cargo, even if there is space available.
2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity with Trailer Tow Package

The basic 4-pin trailer tow wiring with ball-mounting provisions in the rear bumper for towing up to 3,500 pounds. If you need more Ford Ranger towing capacity, this pickup truck features a trailer tow package that allows for 7,500 pounds of towing capacity and accessories that include a 7-wire harness and 4-/7-pin connector, a hitch receiver, and tow and haul mode capabilities.

Body Style DriveAxle RatioGCWR (lbs.)Maximum Loaded Trailer Weight (lbs.)
The above numbers shown require an available Trailer Towing Package. Do not exceed the Maximum Loaded Trailer Weight listed.
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2021 Ford Ranger towing capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pounds can a 2021 Ford Ranger pull?

The sharp-looking midsize pickup truck 2021 Ford Ranger is powerful, versatile, and packed with a wide range of excellent features. When properly equipped with a trailer tow package it has up to 7,500 lbs tow rating and a best-in-class maximum 1,860 lbs payload capacity.

Is the 2021 Ford Ranger good for towing?

Almost every 2021 Ford Ranger trim offers up a maximum tow rating of 7,500 pounds when properly equipped with a tow package. With up to 7,500 pounds of available towing capability, Ranger is more than ready to move campers, midsize trailers, larger boats, and Flat-bed trailers carrying other vehicles. If you’re looking for a midsize pickup that’s built for toughness, dependability, and capability, you want the 2021 Ford Ranger effortlessly keeps up with all.

Can a 2021 Ford Ranger tow a camper?

The 2021 Ford Ranger’s impressive towing capability allows it to tow or haul serious cargo with ease. Because of their tough builds and high payload capacities, these trucks are capable of pulling a variety of trailers, most types of campers, including pop-up trailers, travel trailers, teardrop trailers, airstreams, and small/medium fifth wheels.

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