2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid towing capacity. Best Mid-Size Plug-In Hybrid SUV.

2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid towing capacity chart

The 2023 Sorento Plug-In Hybrid Korean SUV is a mix design of value, practicality, and efficiency with modern refinement for a hybrid driving experience that’s powerful and innovative. The Kia Sorento is one of only a handful of small SUVs on the market that offers third-row seating where up to seven passengers can be accommodated easily. In this article, we will be exploring the trim options and features available for Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid 2023 with its towing capacity.

2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid trim levels2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid towing capacity
Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid SX Prestige 2,000 lbs.
The above-shown numbers are subject to change and are for reference purposes only.
2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid towing capacity

2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid Engine Specs

The 2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid is available with a 1.6L Turbo Hybrid Powertrain generating 227 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque delivered seamlessly via the hybrid combination of an electric motor and gas engine. With the instant torque of the combined electric motor and turbocharged engine launches, you can experience the thrilling sensation of driving. The Plug-In Hybrid with an option to go All-Electric using a high-density, lithium-ion polymer battery with an EPA-Estimated All-Electric Range of up to 32 miles. The Level 1 charging (120 V) can charge through any outlet already in the home. Also many Level 2 (240 V) chargers are available at public stations and can be plugged in while on go.

  • 1.6L Turbo Plug-in Hybrid
  • Horsepower: 261 hp
  • Torque: 258 lb-ft
  • Battery-only range: 32 miles
  • Towing capacity: 2,000 lbs.
2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid towing capacity

2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid trims

The 2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid refresh models with updated packaging and new standard features come in just one trim option SX Prestige. Let’s find out more about all the details on the 2023 Kia Sorento Hybrid trim levels below.

2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid SX Prestige towing capacity

The rugged capability and latest technology of the Sorento Plug-in Hybrid SX Prestige make it one of the most capable vehicles on the road. A responsive power output is delivered seamlessly via the hybrid combination of an electric motor and gas engine. The highlighted features of the Sorento Plug-In Hybrid SX Prestige are:

  • 1.6L Turbo Plug-in Hybrid with 261hp & 258 lb-ft. torque.
  • Torque-vectoring All-Wheel Drive (AWD) with Center-Locking Differential.
  • Surround View Monitor.
  • Rear Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist.
  • 19-inch Alloy Wheels.
  • LED Projector Headlights and LED Taillights.
  • Panoramic Sunroof with Power Sunshade.
  • Auto Emergency Braking Technology with Junction Turning Detection
  • The standard Blind-Spot View Monitor display in your dashboard gauge cluster can display a live feed of your rear blind spots. Also, if any object is detected in the blind spot, standard Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist can help maintain your previous course while trying to change lanes.
  • Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control uses navigation data to predict an oncoming curve in the road ahead, helping reduce the cruising speed and upon exiting the curve, helps return the vehicle’s speed to the previous setting. Optional Highway Driving Assist can help to maintain a comfortable speed and distance from the vehicle ahead of you by matching the posted speed limit.
  • You can connect your personal device or Apple Watch to your vehicle via the Kia Connect app to remotely set cabin temperatures, lock or unlock the doors, start the vehicle, and more. The 12.3-inch Digital Instrument Display and 8 USB outlets throughout all three rows are full and compatible with the standard 10.25-inch touch screen that interfaces with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with Navigation, Kia Connect, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. For an impressive sound experience with 12 Speakers Bose Premium Audio System.
  • The 6-Passenger Seating is a genuine leather seat with ventilated front-row seats. The heated second-row captain’s chairs slide forward for easy third-row access and offer the most legroom. The standard 50/50 split-folding third-row seats fold to expand more cargo space if you’re not carrying a full passenger.
Your Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid towing capacity can be affected by the number of passengers riding along, how much cargo you’re bringing, and other factors. Exceeding the towing capacity can be hazardous to you and the drivers around you and harmful to your drivetrain. What do you need to know before towing a trailer? 

2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid Towing Package

If you plan on doing a lot of towing along you’ll need the right accessories there are a number of towing accessories that are available. The 2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid offers a wide range of towing features and accessories designed with your safety in mind, which we have highlighted below.

  • Tow hitch
  • Retractable tow bar
  • Fixed tow bar
  • Towbar wiring kit, 13-pole, and 7-pole socket
  • Bike carrier for towbar
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2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid towing capacity

The 2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid looks just like the non-hybrid Sorento and is a midsize SUV with a host of standard tech and safety features. The advanced technologies and innovative features with an outstanding combination of quick acceleration, power, performance, and impressive fuel efficiency. With their torquey and robust electric motors, hybrids make the perfect towing partners, able to haul heavy loads without any effort than traditional internal-combustion models. However, you can’t get the rugged X-Line appearance package on the hybrid models. The PHEV has a premium aesthetic with standard 19-inch wheels, satin chrome trim, and an available panoramic moonroof, which helps justify its price tag.

2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid towing capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 2023 Kia Sorento PHEV tow?

The 2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid could be your best choice if you need a fuel-efficient small crossover with a small trailer to tow. It has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds powered by its 1.6 liters Turbo Plug-In Hybrid engine with 261-horse power.

Is the 2023 Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid good for towing?

While most PHEVs don’t offer towing capacity, Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid on the market can reliably tow a respectable load. In regards to full electric vehicles (EVs), one of the few that have this ability the new 2023 Kia Sorento Hybrid provides a good towing power of up to 2,000 pounds. Also adds to the vehicle’s impressive driving abilities. The right Kia Sorento towing package allows you to haul an ATV, jet skis, and small fishing boats.

2023 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid Video
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