Can a Ford Explorer tow 5000 lbs?

The Ultimate Comprehensive Guide on Most Ford Explorer SUV Drivers queries, Can a Ford Explorer tow 5000 lbs? the ability to haul boats to Trailers and also evaluate the Ford Explorer’s power to push the Limits of the towing Capacity.

Towing capacity is an important characteristic to consider when buying an SUV, mainly for those who need to haul boats, trailers, or other heavy supplies. The Ford Explorer is known for its versatility and capability best choice among families, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a reliable and spacious vehicle. One of the most common questions asked about the Ford Explorer is whether it can tow 5,000 lbs. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Ford Explorer’s towing capacity models by the year and what it takes to tow 5,000 lbs with this SUV.

When hauling a trailer, it is important to keep in mind the maximum recommended weight that your vehicle can handle. Going beyond this weight limit can cause significant harm to your vehicle, such as damage to the engine or transmission, as well as structural damage. 
It can also result in loss of control over the vehicle, which can lead to a dangerous rollover situation and potential injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to the weight limits specified on the certification label and not exceed the GVWR or GAWR.

What are the towing capacities of a Ford Explorer?

The various factors that determine towing capacities, such as engine and transmission options are best suited for safe and successful towing. The Explorer has been in production from 1991 through the present in Ford’s lineup as an SUV and remains popular today. We’ve listed out the maximum tow capacity by year below for reference. Note that for each model year, there are many variables that affect the total towing capacity of each vehicle year, so we recommend checking your specific Explorer model year and trim level in the links below for an in-depth guide and to get the most accurate information for that year.

Ford Explorer models by yearFord Explorer towing capacity (lbs.)
2023 Ford Explorer5,600
2022 Ford Explorer5,600
2021 Ford Explorer5,600
2020 Ford Explorer5,600
2019 Ford Explorer5,000
2018 Ford Explorer5,000
2017 Ford Explorer5,000
2016 Ford Explorer5,000
2015 Ford Explorer5,000
2014 Ford Explorer5,000
2013 Ford Explorer5,000
2012 Ford Explorer5,000
2011 Ford Explorer5,000
2010 Ford Explorer7,285
2009 Ford Explorer7,285
2008 Ford Explorer7,310
2007 Ford Explorer7,290
2006 Ford Explorer7,300
2005 Ford Explorer7,140
2004 Ford Explorer7,125
2003 Ford Explorer7,180
2002 Ford Explorer7,300
2001 Ford Explorer6,820
2000 Ford Explorer6,820
The above-shown numbers are subject to change and are for reference purposes only. Do not exceed the trailer weight for your vehicle configuration listed in the chart above. Maximum weights shown are for properly equipped vehicles with the required equipment and a driver. The weight of additional options, equipment, passengers, and cargo must be deducted from this weight.
Note: Specific states require electric trailer brakes for trailers over a specified weight. Be certain to review state regulations for this determined weight. The maximum trailer weights listed could be limited to this specified weight, as the vehicle’s electrical system may not include the wiring connector needed to activate electric trailer brakes.

Do Ford Explorers come with a towing package?

Ford Explorer has options for trailer towing packages to increase your SUV’s towing capacity. When properly equipped with a Class II/III/IV Trailer Tow Package option on some trims of the models allows for heavier hauls and expands the options of what you can take with your vehicle. Ford Explorer does not offer factory-installed towing equipment for this application; only available as a dealer accessory.

To check if your car can tow, look under the back bumper for a trailer hitch or ball. You can also check your car’s paperwork or take it to a dealer and provide your car’s identification number VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to see if it has any towing features installed. Towing a trailer places an extra load on your vehicle’s engine, transmission, axle, brakes, tires, and suspension. Check these parts periodically during, and after, any towing function.

What Explorer can tow 5000 lbs?

Well, the Ford Explorer is a powerful SUV able to offer exceptional performance including towing of more than 5,000 lbs. capacity depending upon the model year when properly equipped. Basic travel trailers can be towed by mid-sized SUVs, the weight of trailers ranges from 1,200 lbs. to over 10,000 lbs. depending on the type. However, as you can know from the above chart the maximum towing capacity of the explorer model by year is between 5,000 lbs. to 7,000 lbs. It can easily tow Jet skis, Utility Trailers, Pop-Up Camper, Snowmobiles, ATVs, Fishing boats, and Motorcycles.

Which Ford Explorer has the best towing capacity?

The first four-door SUV produced by Ford three decades of production and six generations later, it’s still one of the most successful models Ford has ever produced. Currently, in its sixth generation, the Explorer has been offered in multiple chassis and powertrain layouts. The first two generations were directly derived from the Ford Ranger, switching to a model-specific chassis for the third and fourth generations. The fifth generation was repackaged as a CUV, adopting a variant of the Ford Taurus chassis architecture developed for SUVs.

Ford Explorer generationsFord Explorer generations by the year
Ford Explorer First-generation1991 – 1994
Ford Explorer Second-generation1995 – 2003
Ford Explorer Third-generation2003 – 2005
Ford Explorer Fourth-generation2006 – 2010
Ford Explorer Fifth-generation2011 – 2019
Ford Explorer Sixth-generation2020 – Present

Is the Ford Explorer a good tow vehicle?

With its exceptional performance and excellent handling, the Ford Explorer this powerful SUV that can easily handle all towing activities is the perfect vehicle for driving in all road conditions. Well, it has been proved that a Ford Explorer can clearly tow up to 5000 lbs, and the SUV can be a reliable and capable vehicle for anyone looking to haul heavy loads.

When equipped with the proper engine and towing package, the towing capacity increases significantly whereas to tow heavy loads the Class III/IV Trailer Tow Package must be fitted. Lastly, towing at maximum capacity can put a lot of pressure on the vehicle so it’s necessary to have the suited kit and follow all safety guidelines for a successful towing experience.

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