How does a detachable towbar work? 3 best types of towbars.

How does a detachable towbar work? If you often use your towbar and consider the design of your car is especially noteworthy, a detachable towbar is the ideal answer. In, this article you will get to know the detail information about the detachable towbar.

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What is a detachable towbar?

A detachable towbar is that type of towbar which can be detached and disjoined from your vehicle when you no longer need it. This kind of towbar is usually bought by individuals who only use a towbar a few times or more focoused with the car appeareance. The most advantage of this type of towbar is that the towbar, by being able to be removed, does not impact the design of the car. However, a detachable towbar cannot be mounted on every car. The main reason behind this has to do with the construction of the car. There are three types of detachable towbars: horizontal, diagonal and vertical detachable towbars.
How does a detachable towbar work?

How do you maintain a detachable towbar?

For all types of detachable towbars, the ball can be manually placed and removed extremely easily. It only takes a handful of seconds and a few clicks. You won’t get your hands dirty, as no tools, lubrication or grease are required to lock or unlock the ball.

For cleaning detachable towbar you can use a cloth to remove any build up of dirt, and scraping off any flaky signs of rust that you can see. If you are using a detachable swan neck towbar or detachable flange towbar, you should detach the removable parts so that you can perform a closer inspection. That is entirely up to you. However, greasing it is recommended. Greasing will help ensure that the trailer hitch ball keeps its structural goodness, and it will help prevent it from creaking.

How does a detachable towbar work?

The structure part of your towbar is mounted to the chassis of your car behind the bumper. This construction component is equipped with a sleeve where the detachable ball can be locked and unlocked. A cover cap is provided with all detachable towbars to cover this sleeve. You can place this in the sleeve after the tow ball is unlocked. This prevents dirt from accumulating in the sleeve.

After placement, the horizontal, diagonal and vertical towbars are all optimally designed for the burden of both bike carriers (vertical load) and trailers, caravans, boat trailers and horseboxes (horizontal load). They offer the same stability and security as a fixed towbar and have been tested at maximum values, as reported by automobile plants.

A leeway has been integrated at the end of the ball in all detachable systems. This extendable metal consists of two separate parts that are connected and snap in place in the ball. This assures that the pressure is not applied to the end, where the ball is clamped in the sleeve, preventing the risk of leeway of the ball in the sleeve and ensuring the ball remains in stable position.

The sleeve of the horizontal and diagonal detachable towbars is completely accessible. Simply bending over is enough to lock and unlock the ball, as the sleeve is partially or completely visible under the bumper in both systems. Since the sleeve of the vertical detachable towbar is hidden behind the bumper you will have to go down on your knees to lock and unlock this system.

The horizontal detachable towbar has a sliding mechanism to lock and unlock the ball. This is different from the diagonal and vertical detachable towbar, which can be operated with a dial. This dial has arrows that show the two consecutive actions needed for unlocking the system. The turn direction of the dial differs in both systems. In the vertical detachable towbar, the dial has to be turned up, while in the diagonal detachable towbar the dial has to be turned down. The benefit of the downward turn is that your hand turns away from the bumper. This ensures there is more room for your hand between the bumper and the dial, in order to effortlessly unlock the system.

If you are walking around the vehicle, the sleeve of a horizontal detachable towbar is fully visible under the bumper, the sleeve of the diagonal detachable towbar is somewhat visible and the sleeve of the vertical detachable towbar is totally invisible. The socket of the diagonal and vertical detachable towbars can always be folded out of sight behind the bumper. With the horizontal detachable towbar, this relies on the design of the vehicle.
How does a detachable towbar work?

Is a detachable towbar safe to use?

If used and maintained correctly, detachable towbars are incredibly safe. Nevertheless, if the correct safety safeguards are not followed, inappropriate use of a towbar can result in a vicious accident. The lock of the detachable towbars is very audible a click sound is heard as confirmation that it has been locked properly. The lock of the detachable towbars is effortless to see where the systems has a built-in colour sign consisting of colour codes. Green indicates a successful lock, red indicates a new attempt is required for equipping it properly.

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How does a detachable towbar work?

All detachable towbars are inventive versions of the fixed towbar. You no longer have a forever visible towbar on your car, but at the same time, you always have one handy when you need it. The hook and ball sticking out from behind your bumper, called a tow ball, can be removed. After the tow ball is removed, the original design of the car stays as intended. Therefore, choosing a detachable towbar comprises an elegant solution. All detachable towbars are protected against theft. The ball has a permanent safety lock with a key. You can use this at the times you decide to leave the ball in the sleeve.

How does a detachable towbar work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are detachable towbars more expensive?

The detachable towbars are quiet expensive as compare to fixed towbars. The most significant benefit of detachable towbars is the invisibility of both designs and easy to handle.

Are all detachable tow bars the same?

No, the detachable towbars are available in both flange ball and swan neck options and they are completely different. But remember that not all options are available for every car. You can use our registration checker above to see which towbar options are available for your car.

Are detachable towbars any good?

A detachable towbar is just as secure and sturdy with the counted advantage of being able to remove the neck. Some detachable towbars allow you to tow and carry bikes at the same time and when you are not towing, it becomes almost hidden once removed.

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