What is the best lock for a trailer hitch?

Trailer hitch locks offer added protection, and investing in a great trailer hitch lock has long-term benefits. In this article, you will see the top ten best trailer hitch locks on the market. We break down everything from fit to durability to give you the most comprehensive review possible.

A trailer hitch lock fast and effortlessly installs into your trailer hitch receiver and acts as a locking trailer hitch pin for increased security. Generally speaking, the simple presence of any lock will drive a speedy and straightforward criminal escape. More rough locks will obstruct more modern criminals, however, it’s memorable’s vital that no lock is resistant to robbery. There are several different sizes, styles, and material options to find the best lock for a trailer hitch for your vehicle.

Note: Also make sure to have more information for dimensions and length, size of the lock you want before purchasing or placing an order in online ecommerce website for hitch lock. 

What is a lock for a trailer hitch?

Trailer hitch locks are designed to stop thieves from robbing your trailer by securing the hitch to their own vehicle. The hitch locks are good mechanisms to help you secure and are sturdy enough to prevent potential thieves from disconnecting your trailer from your vehicle. Many trailer hitch locks are made of heavy-duty steel or other corrosion-resistant metals to improve security and durability. Locks made with materials, for example, aluminum ought to be considered cautiously due to their capability to rust when presented with grime and different pollutants, which diminishes their solidarity. Unlike combination padlocks, trailer hitch locks are secured with uniquely designed keys.

What are the type of locks for a trailer hitch?

Firstly you must consider trailer hitch locks on their comfort of installation, the effectiveness of their locking instruments, and manufacturer build quality. There are many styles of trailer hitch locks that install in a variety of ways and many are better than others.

  • Receiver Hitch Lock: On the off chance that it has one lock, producers as a rule bend the end or make it warped to keep it from being gotten through the opposite finish of the hitch. The collector hitch lock fits through the towing vehicle’s recipient openings. The metal pins can have a couple of locks on one or the flip side.
  • Coupler Hitch Lock: This kind of hitch lock looks like a U-lock for a bike. It’s valuable when you don’t have a trailer associated with a towing vehicle. This lock by and large highlights a ball-formed top that squeezes into the tongue of the hitch. Then, a bar sits on top of the hitch, which interfaces the two sides to the ball-formed base of the lock.
  • Hitch Pin Lock: It can keep thieves from disengaging the whole hitch or associating their vehicle with your trailer. This sort of pin slides into the latch hold where the hitch meets the casing of your vehicle.
  • Latch Pin Lock: Latch pin locks can likewise give an additional layer of safety assuming you use them while you have your trailer associated with your towing vehicle. The latch pin lock resembles the hitch pin lock, aside from it sliding into the trailer hitch lock and getting into place. It can keep the hook from being lifted and associated with another vehicle.

The industry determines that each trailer owner has various security requirements. That’s why several types of hitch locks are nowadays on the market. We evaluate all trailer hitch locks based on their customer reviews, sales, durability, and build quality types of best hitch locks for your towing setup that you might consider for your trailer listed below.

1. Rhino USA Trailer Hitch Lock

Rhino USA lock for a trailer hitch

American-owned company the Rhino USA-based family Business designed & lab tested in the USA but manufactured in China. The universally suitable anti-theft locking trailer hitch pin can be used on all Class III & IV 2″ hitches. The smart slide cap design makes an excellent weatherproof seal protecting the keyhole from dirt, mud & gunk. Nice quality hitch pin that feels confident knowing that the Hitch Pin is protected with a durable rust-resistant coating. Easy to lock and install it works great and is hardened and sealed well much heavier and better built.

2. Master Lock 389DAT Hitch Lock

Master Lock for a trailer hitch

Master Lock is known around the world as a genuine, brand for over 100 years and offers a broad range of innovative security, and safety solutions for consumer, commercial, and industrial end-users. The Master Lock No. 389DAT features a universal trailer hitch lock, designed to fit most 1-7/8in (48mm), 2in (51mm), and, 2-5/16in (59mm) couplers. The advanced locking mechanism provides resistance to picking and prying offers maximum protection from corrosion and is rust-resistant. It comes in one color bright red making it evident to robbers at a distance that your trailer is secure. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust for a better quality product.

3. CURT 23518 Trailer Hitch Lock

Curt lock for a trailer hitch

With a 5/8-inch diameter pin and 2.85 inches of usable pin length, this receiver hitch lock fits virtually any 2-inch x 2-inch hitch receiver with a 5/8-inch hole. Almost all CURT trailer hitch barbell-style locking styles come with quarter-turn lock activation, which makes unlocking the hitch lock fast, easy and convenient. They are equipped to face outdoor components like rainwater, dirt, road salt, and other corrosive elements, featuring an included watertight sealed dust cap that protects the internal locking mechanism. For the protection of your trailer and trailer hitch ball mount from theft, this locking hitch pin is made with high-strength steel construction and is shielded against corrosion with a durable powder coat finish.

4. CZC AUTO Trailer Hitch Lock

CZC Auto lock for a trailer hitch

CZC AUTO, a reliable brand in the Hitch Security Industry, has the Trailer Hitch Locking Pin design with a 1/4 Inch diameter tongue lock pin with an effective length of 3/4 Inch. The available 2 flat keys, one for use, the other for backup. For operating the trailer hitch Lock, align the pin to the keyhole, and spin the flat key 5-7 times to open or close the hitch lock. The small and compact size for easy carrying, keeping the coupler lock in your pocket or anywhere in the vehicle. This trailer lock security is made of high-strength steel to prevent stealing. The hitch lock is coated with black electrophoretic paint to prevent deterioration.

5. METOWARE Trailer Hitch Lock

Metoware lock for a trailer hitch

The heavy-duty Metoware trailer hitch locks are durable and universally compatible is a newly upgraded trailer hitch lock with all metal construction. It is compatible with class III-IV hitches, a 2” 2-1/2” hitch receiver, a big towing truck, and a car. The trailer hitch locks are designed with a diameter of 5/8″ and a length of 3-1/2”. The core of the hitch lock is made of premium zinc alloy tubular. Its anti-theft design can withstand significant blows from different kinds of external forces. Additionally, the lock includes a rubber cap which effectively keeps the keyhole away from dirt, dust, and water and prevents any rattling noises. The trailer hitch lock features high-quality solid steel with black electrophoretic paint.

6. REESE Towpower 72783 Hitch Lock

REESE lock for a trailer hitch

Reese has become a market leader heavy-duty towing industry and in automotive and recreational product solutions. The Reese universal hitch lock is constructed with an aluminum body and heavy-duty steel is built strong and designed to fit 1-⅞”, 2”, and 2-5/16” couplers adjustable with 11 locking positions. Its bright, deterrent yellow color offers durable, highly visible protection for all types of trailers. Advanced lock resists picking, prying, and drill outs, making this an essential safeguard giving you peace of mind.

7. BOLT Receiver Hitch Lock

Bolt 7023585 receiver locks are a simple, and inexpensive way to secure your trailer. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the Bolt Receiver Lock is rated for Class II, IV, and V hitches with a towing capacity of up to 16,000 pounds. It opens with your vehicle’s ignition key without the need for extra keys; works with side-cut Ford, Lincoln & Land Rover keys. Stainless steel lock shutter to keep out dirt and moisture, plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping, double ball bearing locking mechanism.

8. Trimax UMAX 100 Hitch Lock

Trimax UMAX 100 lock for a trailer hitch

The Trimax UMAX100 coupler lock features an exclusive design that provides 360 degrees of hardened steel with nylon cover protection for your trailer. It provides instant security for your camper, boat, or trailer when they are not hooked up to your vehicle. This lock features a huge 6-tooth, 3/8″ dual ratchet locking system, a hardened 5/8″ 16mm steel shackle, and 1/2-turn technology that cannot be false locked. For dual force security, add a Trimax chain or cable secured to an anchor point. This lock is easy to install simply slide the ball up into the coupler and replace the U-shackle and add a Trimax coupler lever lock for additional protection.

9. AMPLock U-BRP2

AMPLock is a heavy-duty trailer hitch lock that is developed as an attachment to your coupler to get the closest fit likely and guard your trailer with remarkable resistance for use in all climates. This lock is very solid and combines the most advanced security features and best materials to toughly secure enclosed trailers, boat trailers, and RVs. The controlled keys are nice and they can key like additional locks. Molded to fit the specific shape of your boat trailer, trailer, or Caravan (RV) 2 inches when unhitched; validate your measure and coupler with photos provided. Easy to use with AMPLOCK’s push and lock system.

10. Proven Industries 2178

Proven industries lock for a trailer hitch

The locking parts on this device are made from hardened steel for increased security, and the exterior cover is tough enough to stop burglars from using power tools, hammers, and crowbars on your lock. It’s also watertight and comes with unique keys. At almost $300, it is most certainly not sensible and possibly becomes helpful on the off chance that you take the perspective on it being protected against the expected loss of the lot more prominent worth of a trailer and what’s inside. This innovative key system also features an interior locking mechanism that stops would-be thieves from making a copy of your key.

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Most trailer owners go for a plain, reasonable model, working on the hypothesis that a hoodlum will search for the simplest objective and find one without a lock. However, a portion of those owners have taken in the most difficult way possible that a couple of moments and a crowbar each of the robbers expected to take their trailers.

The trailer hitch locks in this blog we went through started by searching Amazon for top products, looking at factors like customer ratings, Amazon’s best sales, and competitive prices. Each trailer hitch lock shown above has a five-star rating based on these benchmarks.

This deliberate how effectively the trailer hitch lock opened or shut utilizing its given arrangement of keys. Each lock’s materials, cost, and guarantee were investigated to decide whether they held their worth over the long run. Locks made of additional tough materials were presented at a lower cost than other acquired focuses.

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