How do I find out my towing capacity?

The most important number for towing your car is on something called the Vehicle Identification Number Plate (VIN Plate). Typically located beneath the hood or on a door pillar, you can refer to your owner’s handbook for specific details on its whereabouts. Ensure accuracy by relying solely on the towing capacity information provided on the VIN Plate to guarantee the safe and optimal towing performance of your vehicle.

If your VIN Plate says your car’s towing capacity is 6,000 pounds. That means it’s safe for your car to pull a trailer or carry stuff up to that weight. Ignoring or misinterpreting this crucial information could lead to suboptimal performance, compromising both the vehicle’s stability and your safety on the road.

Remember to check your owner’s handbook for where to find this plate and the exact towing capacity. It is the ultimate reference point for determining the vehicle’s capacity to tow a trailer or carry additional cargo.

Always consult your owner’s handbook to pinpoint the exact location of the VIN Plate and to familiarize yourself with the specific towing capacity for your vehicle. This diligence not only guarantees compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines but also ensures a secure and confident towing experience.

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