How do you find exact towing capacity by VIN?

Discovering your vehicle’s towing capacity involves a straightforward formula. Determining how much your vehicle can tow is like solving a simple equation. First, figure out the curb weight, which is conveniently located on the VIN sticker. This is essentially the weight of your vehicle without any additional stuff in it.

Now, let’s add up the weight of everything you plan to bring along for the ride – passengers, fuel, and any cargo. This gives you the total weight your vehicle will need to handle.

The next step is to subtract this total weight from your vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). You might find the GCWR on the door sticker, but if it’s not there, you can look it up using your VIN.

The final number you get after this subtraction is your maximum towing capacity. This is the magic number that tells you the heaviest load your vehicle can pull while still being safe and efficient on the road.

So, it’s like a simple math problem that helps you make sure you’re not overloading your vehicle when you hitch up a trailer or load it with stuff.

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