Can I find out towing capacity by VIN number?

The VIN plate on your vehicle has some crucial info in either three or four sets of weights. The first one, labeled as ‘A,’ is the Gross Vehicle Weight, basically how much your ride can handle with everyone inside, fuel, and all the stuff you’re hauling.

Now, the second figure, ‘B,’ is the Gross Train Weight. This is the total weight your vehicle and trailer can manage together. So, ‘A’ tells you how much your car can carry, and ‘B’ tells you the combined weight when you’re towing a trailer.

Understanding these numbers is like having a secret code to keep things safe and smooth on the road. ‘A’ helps you know the limit for your vehicle’s regular load, and ‘B’ tells you how much it can handle when you’re towing.

So, next time you glance at that VIN plate, remember it’s like your vehicle’s weight superhero, keeping everything in check! And, if you need more specifics, your owner’s manual is your trusty sidekick.

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